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Tender Incubate Stew Roaring Farthest Noon Fiction Declare Icing for Catharsis

  • The (pre)conceptions we cha(lle)nge (re)define and ar(rang)e our id(entity).
  • Being ready includes being ready to be unprepared, and being prepared to be ready.
  • Observation is the art of slowing down time long enough to discern the details. Songs

About Tevan

Providing people and organizations with the opportunity for self-expression draws me to the field of web design. A website is a medium, and I’m a small, but our impact together is large and meaningful.

As a project manager at TheeDesign Studio, I work with local businesses and our team to create websites that catalyze the realization of their goals.

When offline, I'm out exploring the Triangle, NC area.

Feel free to view my web design portfolio over at Inktype. If you'd like to get in touch, there are many ways to reach me, and I will be delighted to hear from you.

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