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April 8, 2005
The Seasoned Pedestrian
When I first got here, I was looking and listening for cars and car horns. But it was the bikes and trains in the streets that were after me. Ring ring!

Amsterdam doesn't have violent crimes, but it does have pickpockets. So I walk with my hands in my pockets and spin my head around, taking after Chucky, to ensure I don't get hit by a bus, train, bike, motorbike, or car.

I am a seasoned pedestrian; I can cross any street in Amsterdam. I would get a shirt to prove it, but the shirts are made to prove that you've either been stoned, drunk, high, or perverted while here. Pedestrians aren't recognized as anything special, maybe because everyone gets hit eventually.

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you know, tevan, in one of the chucky movies he jumps out of a closet and kills an elementary school teacher with a BIKE PUMP.

THAT'S badass. get a tshirt for that.


Anonymouslink to this comment
April 10, 2005 3:17 PM

just checking on you, tevan. glad to see you're making it fine on your own. my son, robert, stayed at the flying pig when he made his little trip to amsterdam. hope he left it tidy for you.
kathleen (your old lady seat buddy on the 'building with wings')

kathleen link to this comment
April 12, 2005 10:37 PM

Tevan!!! i keep checking your site to see updated pictures! get a move on! it was great being "yo hostel roomie" for like 2 days! keep in touch!

*Nitya*link to this comment
April 13, 2005 9:05 AM

angela, chucky's bike pump skillz outdo my pedestrian skillz, but I haven't seen a t-shirt for either. I will scour the earth for both.

tevanlink to this comment
April 13, 2005 12:33 PM

kathleen! thank you for keeping me entertained on the building with wings. I hope your visit went well.

the room in flying pig was tidy, but the shower wouldn't stop running one morning in room 308. fortunately, I don't think that was robert's doing.

did robert post his writings about his travels online?

tevanlink to this comment
April 13, 2005 12:38 PM

haha, hey nitya. let's see you find an internet connection in paris with english keyboards!

surprisingly, it took me a couple of days to find one by the louvre and it's in the lobby of hotel normandy.

I'm glad you caught your flight. where are you now?

tevanlink to this comment
April 13, 2005 12:42 PM