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August 13, 2005
A Perfect Line in Sukhumvit
Jet lag had me on Amsterdam time when I first arrived in Bangkok. Wide awake at midnight, I asked the receptionists at the hotel if there were any legitimate bars nearby in Sukhumvit. "You know, with no sex," I said. Maybe they heard "How wide is the line of a perfect circle?". They were genuinely perplexed.

Just around the block was Soi Cowboy, a street in Sukhumvit lined with cocksure hookers smiling, holding signs, and luring in potential sexpats with imperfect lines like "Hewwo, koot!". The surrounding streets were filled with "massage parlors" and women knocking on the bar windows at the irresistibly koot.

(It's on Soi Cowboy where Ani DiFranco's internal dialogue on "Living in Clip" comes to my dialogue internally: "No, Ani, those are not women. They look like women." "Wow, they're purrrty.")

Somewhere along the line, I didn't wait for the receptionists to recommend a bar. The question was intended to be simple. I thanked them and went outside when I understood that their silence was an answer. Bar none -- that's a perfect line in Sukhumvit.

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cocksure, smirk smirk. nice pun, intended or otherwise.


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August 19, 2005 5:27 PM


wink wink.


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August 20, 2005 4:05 AM