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September 24, 2005
An Amoebic Epicenter
I glanced at it curiously the first few times I passed it. How poetic, I thought. Travellers travelling to piece the puzzle together piece an actual 750-piece puzzle together. Previous YHA Christchurch backpackers got the blue sky up top and the evergreen bushes at the bottom of Mount Rushmore, but the faces of our leaders remain in shambles. The city of Louisiana.

It gets warmer as you drive south on I-10 from San Francsico to San Diego. Downright hot if your friend gets pulled over for weaving while smoking a bowl. Cooler when the cops let you both go. No coke in Malibu.

Had I done my Earth Science homework in high school, the snow pelting our plane as we descended in New Zealand last Monday might have come as less of a surprise. That same surprise later became pleasant when I could put fabric on my head to cover my late reaction to an apparent miscommunication with a barber downtown on Manchester Street. A range of shorter.

Equipped with a beanie and long underwear, I successfully attached a fragment of Theodore Roosevelt's forehead last night. I knew the missing piece was on the table, but I could only find it after I decided to look for it. Infinity can feel manageable. Illusion or not, future travellers do have one more piece of the puzzle connected. Washington to the left.

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