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October 17, 2005
A Reply to Mariela
I have a vision and she has a butt. We fare. She has a fair butt in my vision as she waits on the man sitting beside me, and she could be beside herself if I were to butt into her affairs. But looking back, while what is behind her waits ahead of me, she asked me if I want to.

In Ms. Fajnyzlberg's French class, when we weren't listening to the cheerful "Champs-Elysee" emanate from her small cassette player, we were learning that a club is called a disco. Even outside of academia. Outside of academia it may be the blunt brunt of contemptuous laughter, smacking of a club, that smacks smack on my ear if callous New Yorkers hear me call it a disco. That's not what it's called there. But that is what it's called in France and Argentina.

Come Thursday, the sucking on my ears or a dum-dum would come from fancy fantasy; my personal interpersonal interaction can be active in inaction. Even in English. I generally prefer plucking eyebrows in the sanctuary of my own mirrored presence. Or genially browsing eyes plucking thick airy thoughts through thin air from afar. I wrote in broken Spanish on her ripped sheet of paper, upside-down between her rows of words, in response to her broken English: "I think so. Can we see next week?"

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