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March 15, 2005
All Al Franken Will Ever Know
I was looking for a place to eat dinner with Dan and Justin, two people I met at the Austin Hostel, when we passed by a closed Jimmy John's Sandwich Shop on 6th Street that advertised FREE SMELLS.

While it was closed, I wanted to open it up to interpretation. I asked Dan to take my picture in front of the restaurant.

As I was doing handstands in front of the window to pose for the picture, Al Franken walked up and attempted to open the door. When he failed, he asked Justin where he could find a good burger in the area. Justin directed him down the street.

I was so busy brainstorming about my ass that I didn't know that he was Al Franken until after he left. All he will ever know of me is that I do handstands and point to my ass.


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