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April 14, 2005
Amsterdam: Not for Straight Faces
People can't keep a straight face when the word "Amsterdam" exits my mouth. Amsterdam is more than legalized marijuana and prostitution! (But not much more.)

A statue of Anne Frank.

Statue of Anne Frank

The bookcase that concealed the annex and delayed Anne Frank's capture.

The bookcase that concealed the annex

Anne Frank's first diary.

Anne Frank's first diary

The Rijksmuseum itself was closed, but the fountain in front was open for business.

Fountain in front of the Rijksmuseum

The coffeeshops sell cannabis, hash, and even coffee.

Umma Gumma Coffeeshop

Smartshops sell mushrooms and paraphenalia.

Chills & Thrills Headshop & Smartshop

Racks of offensive postcards are as ubiquitous as the experiences they advertise.

Offensive Postcards

Women sell themselves and potential customers give window shopping a deeper meaning. Photos are prohibited in the Red Light District. That statement is supposed to justify the substandard quality of these photos.

The windows the prostitutes stand in

Live mannikans cost less than plastic ones

I used to collect railroad spikes and quiver at the thought of witnessing an oncoming train. In Amsterdam, trains pass in the middle of the cobblestone streets. (There's time to move out of the way.)

A train in the road

Bikes. And more bikes. And people on bikes!

Bikes in Amsterdam

And more bikes at Central Station

People on bikes

DJ Harry Dee spun old skool drum'n'bass mixed with reggae and hip-hop two nights in a row at The Flying Pig Downtown.

DJ Harry Dee at Flying Pig

I shared a room with Caz and Nitya for a couple of nights at The Flying Pig.

Caz, Nitya & Tevan

Seeing Burger King and McDonald's is simultaneously comforting (familiarity) and disappointing (homogenization of culture).

Burger King & McDonald's in the Netherlands

There are canals all around the city.

It's a canal

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