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May 21, 2005
Madrid: More than Ham
I raced from Paris to Madrid to catch my friend Serene before she left for Brazil.

Serene and me in Parque del Retiro

Ham is popular in Spain; it's like they're sponsoring a vegetarian.

Museo del Jamon

Madrid's symbol: "Bear and the Madrono Tree", posing with tourists.

El Oso y El Madrono

Plaza Mayor

Paintings on the wall

Loungers on the cobblestone

A view of the street from my room at Hostal Riesco, across from the Sol Metro Station. The horns and drunken cheers didn't simmer at 3am.

Hostal Riesco balcony view of Sol

On some trains, the subway cars are connected without doors. The train is like one long car.

One Long Car

All swans are white.

There are no black swans

"The Fallen Angel", "said to be the first statue in the world dedicated to the devil" (source: Lonely Planet), in Parque del Retiro.

The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel up close

Palacio Real, official residence of the King of Spain.

Palacio Real

People go outside and watch other people who go outside.

Madrid cafe scene

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