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June 13, 2005
Spain: More than Bulls
Seville was little more than a stopover, but I was a lot more than lost wandering through the endless alleys. I met Serena at a hostel in Valencia and accompanied her to Barcelona, her new home.

A glass of Bio Frutas "Pacifico" juice and a bowl of gazpacho at a coffeeshop in Seville.

Colors in my Belly

I met three Canadian backpackers on the train from Seville to Valencia. There was a stadium directly across the train station about to host a bullfight. The four of us had vague ideas about what to expect, but we realized our ignorance once the bullfight began.

Bullfight Poster

Out comes an angry bull. Bullfighters tease and tire the bull, and then three bullfighters stab it twice each until there are six swords dangling from his back.

Ugly in Pink

Negative Reinforcement

Two bullfighters come out on blindfolded and shielded horses and one of them stabs the bull. In turn, the bull attacks the horse and the horse remains calm.

The horse eats dirt without showing displeasure

When the bull slows down drastically, the matador gives him one last stab and the bull falls stiff to his side. Two horses comes out to drag the bull out of the stadium. Hooray! Workers cover the bull blood with dirt to prepare for the next bull. The Canadians and I stayed for five of the six bullfights.

The ending is predictable

Serena and I met at the Home Hostel in Valencia. We walked around and when we heard loud bangs, we walked toward them. I think we caught the last firework, but what was left resembled my mental image of a bomb scene.

Fireworks Aftermath

Serena and me.

Tevan and Serena in Barcelona

A view of the neighborhood from the roof of the Home Hostel.

View from Home Hostel

A smiling lobster resting on a roof along a boardwalk.

This lobster's face is down with computer lingo =)

This fashion season we offer you Pop Tits.

Pop Tits Available Here

Las Ramblas is the tourist street in Barcelona. At the end of Las Ramblas was this abandoned cat. I fed him for two days and the third day he was gone.


Street performers and vendors line the sides of Las Ramblas. This businessman was caught in time.

Light Social Commentary

And this man was painting.

Sleeping on the job, with intermittent spirts of painting energy, is his job

On some trains, the subway cars are connected without doors. The train is like one long car.

One Long Car

Antonio Gaudi's work is scattered across Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

Pillars in Park Guell

Lizard in Park Guell

Shadow of a monument that reads:

"To those who died defending the rights and constitutions of Catalonia in the siege of Barcelona (1713-1714)"

One Long Car

An artist risked his ass by vandalizing a wall to warn tourists about pickpockets.

Pickpockets Love Tourists

Even the so-called "Designated Graffiti Area" sign is a Designated Graffiti Area itself.

Designated Graffiti Area

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