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June 16, 2005
Zurich: Ca$hMoney
I stopped by Zurich, Switzerland on the way to Rome. Swiss watches and Swiss army knives are popular, but I didn't spot any Swiss cheese or Swiss Miss. I ran errands and further practiced the art of wandering.


Put a circle on your circle

Free speech means fur coats and opponents of fur coats. An ad at a train station in Geneva.

Take it all

Broken window to a fur shop in Zurich.

Broken hearts lead to broken glass

This wall isn't going anywhere

Trees along a trail

The city put up dozens of bears around town, designed by artists and businesses in the community, while I was there.

Hello from Prison Bears

Hello from Pig Bear

Biggest Clock Face in Europe Award goes to: St. Peter's Church.

Big Clock

He exits the ground to greet passersby

Potable water is free.

Drink Me

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