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July 12, 2005
Malta: Medieval, Modern & Mediterranean
Malta is an island-nation south of Sicily surrounded by the Mediterranean. 2005 Peugeots drive over dirt, cobblestone, and paved roads; the predominantly old architecture, technology, and businesses make the newer ones conspicuous. Angelica graciously toured me around the archipelago relentlessly in her Peugeot.

I know Malta exists only because of this ad. Angelica saw this ad, bought a ticket to Austin, TX, where we met in March, and there she pointed out Malta to me on a map.

The world is closer than you think

A tree in Sliema

Sliema Tree

Kinnie is Malta's local (bitter) soda and pastizzi (cheese cake) is a traditional treat. Kinnie and pastizzi resting on a table at Fond Ghadir.

Kinnie and Pastizzi

A beach in Comino

A beach in Comino

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

aka Riviera

Angelica walking down an alley in Mdina.

Mdina alley

I was told to note the doorknobs in Malta. Here is a door in Victoria with corresponding doorknob.

Door with doorknob in Victoria

A view from the Citadel in Gozo

Gozo citadel view

The Inland Sea in Dwejra, Gozo


A burnt boat by the Inland Sea and an officer facing the opposite way

Burnt boat

The Azure Window, also in Dwejra, Gozo

Azure Window

A bag taking in rays at Ramla Bay

Bag in Rambla Bay

A last sight in Palermo, Italy before boarding the plane for London

View from airport window in Palermo, Italy

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