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August 17, 2005
Ireland & Scotland: More than Beer
I trotted from London to Dublin, Ireland and then to Edinburgh, Scotland. Then I galloped to Prague.

An alley in Ireland.

It's an alley

The Guinness Brewery Tour is a joke, but I did enjoy the simplicity of this sign.


I met Jonathan and Jessica at the Globetrotters Inn in Dublin. The three of us successfully made it to the end of the Guinness Tour. In retrospect, we should have been given the beers at the start of the tour.

The silhouettes of Jonathan, Jessica and Tevan

A sculpture of a girl jumping.

Jump lift your mind

This is the closest I ever got to a shark. Who cares if it's dead?


It's a salt shaker.

Penis shaker

This is what traditional Irish music looks like. You have to hear the vision.

See the sound

A sign in Glasgow. I hadn't thought of education this way.

information + communication = education

A parade in Glasgow. I was naturally inclined to take a picture when the woman jogging in the foreground approached me and told me not to take a picture. She said the people marching were the equivalent of the KKK in America. She proceeded to give the passers-by the finger and then continued jogging.

[Edit on March 20, 2007: Thank you Jason Fung for correcting me -- this and the picture above this were taken in Glasgow and not in Edinburgh as I had originally posted.]

Racists on both sides

A hosteller named Erin at Globetrotters in Edinburgh looking out the window.

Globetrotters window

A view of Edinburgh Castle from Starbucks.

Starbucks in Edinburgh

A street on the Royal Mile.

Royal Mile

After Edinburgh, I galloped to Prague via train to meet up with Emily. I made it to Paris and then an hour into the Paris-Prague voyage, the train stopped. Apparently an SNCF train ahead of us hit a car. We were delayed eight hours so I took pictures.

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