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August 15, 2005
London: Sandbox of Landmarks
I went to London to see my friend Meredith, who was in London for a day, for a day in London. When she left for America with her friend Erin the next day, I stayed in London.

assport Control at London Airport.

assport Control

A row of apartments. I like spectrums.

My reflection in a fountain.


Bless This Crack House

TV ad

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

A display in a shop window to an empty shop behind the window.

Subliminal marketing of food.


Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Picadilly Circus wants to be Times Square.

Update -- I received an e-mail from a stranger about the above caption:

To: Tevan Alexander
From: Leon
Sent: Sun, January 22, 2006 8:35 pm
Subject: Piccadilly Circus!


Accidentally found your pictures.

Good, but would just like to point out, that Picadilly Circus has been around for a
very much longer time than Time Square!

So what wants to be what?


Picadilly Circus

Andre the Giant: from LAX to LON.


An interpretation of gasoline at an anti-war demonstration near Big Ben.

Gas Nozzle

London Bridge

London Bridge

Big Ben is big.

Big Ben

A handrail within the Tate Modern.

Tate Modern has it all.


Millenium Bridge outside the Tate Modern...

Millenium Bridge

...posing with St. Paul's Cathedral and a homeless man.

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