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August 19, 2005
Prague: Posh Pop

Public displays of affection.

Sculpture PDA

Sculpture PDA

More PDA. I'd never witnessed ladybug sex before. I should have been okay with that.

Ladybug PDA

Is it a slug? Nasty or cute?

Slug Thing

A wooden witch of the west. If it's a witch.

Witch Thing

This astronaut tripped over her own sculpture and became part of it.

Watch the plus signs

Petrinska Rozhledna resembles the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel replica

Eiffel replica

Eiffel replica

Eiffel replica

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

A sculpture on Charles Bridge.

Sculpture on Charles Bridge

And more bridges.


Prague Castle

Prague Castle from above

Obligatory twilight shots.

Waterfront shot at twilight

Waterfront shot at twilight

The astronomical clock in Old Town Square. People would gather around this clock on the hour to see those little wooden people move (top right of picture).

Astronomical Clock

This guy is perpetually hanging from a bar.

Look out below!

Old Jewish Cemetery.

Losed is right

A wall filled with names of Jews killed during WWII.

Another light lighting an alley at night...

Alley light

...along with a another tree bordering a city sight.

A view of Prague through a tree

Wood in the nude.

Wood in the nudge

The face of street art.

Face of street art

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