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September 25, 2005
Bangkok: Organized Noise
I zapped India's Mumbai Airport without a visa, got sent back to Amsterdam, and then I flew to Bangkok, Thailand. I'm half-Thai, but I've spent my life considering myself white because I identified with my dad who was Polish. I still find it hard to believe I'm half-Thai since I was nurtured far away from Bangkok.

I can say I've been to India. I can't say I got far. Mumbai Passport Control.

Mumbai Passport Control

Beggar in Bangkok

Beggar in Bangkok

Democracy Monument

Democracy Monument

A blurry picture of a roach

Blurry roach

A shrine on one end of World Trade Plaza

A World Trade Plaza Shrine

And another shrine on the other end

Another World Trade Plaza Shrine

Lingam Shrine. That guy in the background on the right, possibly afraid that this would be my sole impression of Thailand, gave me directions to another shrine.

Lingam Shrine

Lingam Shrine figurines

Figurines at Lingam Shrine

A Shrek painting on the ground at Lingam Shrine

Shrek painting at Lingam Shrine

Ronald is ecstatic to see you.

Thai McDonald

Juice and water vendor

Juice and water vendor

We would like to sell you a car in the mouth for thrills.

Electronics store sign in Pantip Plaza

Incense in the air at Erawin Shrine

Incense air at Erawin Shrine

The dancers at Erawin Shrine

Erawin Dancers

The wooden elephants at Erawin Shrine

Wooden elephants

A rough summary of your life

Cycle of life

First World in Third World: MBK Shopping Center in Siam Square


A breakdancer practicing on the SkyWalk outside of MBK

MBK breakdancer

Raisin' tha roof at Wat Arun

Part of Wat Arun

River by Wat Arun


Roof detail at Grand Palace

Roof at Grand Palace

It's the restricted places I want to access.


A sculpture of Buddha at Wat Pho

Buddha sculpture

A sculpture not of Buddha

Sculpture at Wat Pho

Reclining Buddha. This dude is huge.

Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha

Morning yoga exercises in Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park

On the left is a man napping in Lumpini Park. In the middle and right are lizards who leave him unharmed.

Sleeping with the enemy

There's no place like phone booth.

Stray dog resting in a phone booth

Or path in Lumpini Park.

I'm going to sleep

A sculpture at the National Museum.

Sculpture at the National Museum

Me, an artifact, and newfound friend Sarice at the National Museum

Me and Sarice

Chinatown: Not for the Claustrophobic

Bangkok's Chinatown

I went to an art gallery at Silpakorn University to see a specific piece displayed in my guidebook that was no longer on exhibition, but this piece outside the gallery piqued my interest.

Thanks Gangster

The entrance to Nana Entertainment Plaza. In the middle is a young rose seller. She asked me to take her picture and later she asked me to buy a rose. I asked her to buy my tripod. She whipped out 100 baht (about $2.50) and then demanded that I give her the tripod. I heard her snatch the 100 baht back, but I didn't see it. Sneaky girl! To the right of center you can see a prostitute being hugged by a client. To the left of center in the background, a prostitute covers her face.

Nana Entertainment Plaza

Tuk-tuks waiting to tuck you into bed


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