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Madrid: More than Ham
I raced from Paris to Madrid to catch my friend Serene before she left for Brazil.

Serene and me in Parque del Retiro

Ham is popular in Spain; it's like they're sponsoring a vegetarian.

Museo del Jamon

Madrid's symbol: "Bear and the Madrono Tree", posing with tourists.

El Oso y El Madrono

Plaza Mayor

Paintings on the wall

Loungers on the cobblestone

A view of the street from my room at Hostal Riesco, across from the Sol Metro Station. The horns and drunken cheers didn't simmer at 3am.

Hostal Riesco balcony view of Sol

On some trains, the subway cars are connected without doors. The train is like one long car.

One Long Car

All swans are white.

There are no black swans

"The Fallen Angel", "said to be the first statue in the world dedicated to the devil" (source: Lonely Planet), in Parque del Retiro.

The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel up close

Palacio Real, official residence of the King of Spain.

Palacio Real

People go outside and watch other people who go outside.

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May 21, 2005
Lisbon & Sintra: Town & Country
I took the Eurail from Madrid to Lisbon, Portugal. As soon as I arrived at Pension Santa Tirso, Annalena and Petra showed up in the room across from mine. They were visiting from northern Portugal.

The three of us walked around and snapped our cameras. That night we discussed religion in depth and examined our disagreements. Delicate topic. The next day they introduced me to their friend Edson and the four of us spent much of the weekend together. I was surprised and glad that we could get along so well with fundamental differences.

Annalena, Edson, Tevan & Petra

On Saturday we took a daytrip to Sintra and climbed to the Palacio da Pena.

Palacio da Pena

Palacio da Pena

A view from the Palace.

The postcard shot without the postcard or the postcard shot

On the way down the mountain from the palace we passed by a wedding. The couple got pegged with rice or something similar.

A wedding in Sintra

A model posing in the street waited anxiously for me to take her picture from the back.

A model in Lisbon waiting for her colleages

Torre de Belem, "built in the period from 1515-1521 by Manuel I of Portugal."

Torre de Belem

Torre de Belem

My shadow in the water at Torre de Belem.

A two-dimensional Tevan

Fashion statement: "You can beat me you can abuse me but if you touch my hair I will kill you". In the reflection on the left is David, a guy who sat next to me on the train to Lisbon.

Not the hair!

David and I walked around Lisbon and reached the end of the street. And the end of the city.

One street led to the absence of streets

Hello from three statues with fork hands. Some statues, like this one, really do comfort me abroad.

Statues with fork hands

This is my way of saying I miss you.

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