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August 15, 2005
London: Sandbox of Landmarks
I went to London to see my friend Meredith, who was in London for a day, for a day in London. When she left for America with her friend Erin the next day, I stayed in London.

assport Control at London Airport.

assport Control

A row of apartments. I like spectrums.

My reflection in a fountain.


Bless This Crack House

TV ad

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

A display in a shop window to an empty shop behind the window.

Subliminal marketing of food.


Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Picadilly Circus wants to be Times Square.

Update -- I received an e-mail from a stranger about the above caption:

To: Tevan Alexander
From: Leon
Sent: Sun, January 22, 2006 8:35 pm
Subject: Piccadilly Circus!


Accidentally found your pictures.

Good, but would just like to point out, that Picadilly Circus has been around for a
very much longer time than Time Square!

So what wants to be what?


Picadilly Circus

Andre the Giant: from LAX to LON.


An interpretation of gasoline at an anti-war demonstration near Big Ben.

Gas Nozzle

London Bridge

London Bridge

Big Ben is big.

Big Ben

A handrail within the Tate Modern.

Tate Modern has it all.


Millenium Bridge outside the Tate Modern...

Millenium Bridge

...posing with St. Paul's Cathedral and a homeless man.

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August 17, 2005
Ireland & Scotland: More than Beer
I trotted from London to Dublin, Ireland and then to Edinburgh, Scotland. Then I galloped to Prague.

An alley in Ireland.

It's an alley

The Guinness Brewery Tour is a joke, but I did enjoy the simplicity of this sign.


I met Jonathan and Jessica at the Globetrotters Inn in Dublin. The three of us successfully made it to the end of the Guinness Tour. In retrospect, we should have been given the beers at the start of the tour.

The silhouettes of Jonathan, Jessica and Tevan

A sculpture of a girl jumping.

Jump lift your mind

This is the closest I ever got to a shark. Who cares if it's dead?


It's a salt shaker.

Penis shaker

This is what traditional Irish music looks like. You have to hear the vision.

See the sound

A sign in Glasgow. I hadn't thought of education this way.

information + communication = education

A parade in Glasgow. I was naturally inclined to take a picture when the woman jogging in the foreground approached me and told me not to take a picture. She said the people marching were the equivalent of the KKK in America. She proceeded to give the passers-by the finger and then continued jogging.

[Edit on March 20, 2007: Thank you Jason Fung for correcting me -- this and the picture above this were taken in Glasgow and not in Edinburgh as I had originally posted.]

Racists on both sides

A hosteller named Erin at Globetrotters in Edinburgh looking out the window.

Globetrotters window

A view of Edinburgh Castle from Starbucks.

Starbucks in Edinburgh

A street on the Royal Mile.

Royal Mile

After Edinburgh, I galloped to Prague via train to meet up with Emily. I made it to Paris and then an hour into the Paris-Prague voyage, the train stopped. Apparently an SNCF train ahead of us hit a car. We were delayed eight hours so I took pictures.

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August 19, 2005
Prague: Posh Pop

Public displays of affection.

Sculpture PDA

Sculpture PDA

More PDA. I'd never witnessed ladybug sex before. I should have been okay with that.

Ladybug PDA

Is it a slug? Nasty or cute?

Slug Thing

A wooden witch of the west. If it's a witch.

Witch Thing

This astronaut tripped over her own sculpture and became part of it.

Watch the plus signs

Petrinska Rozhledna resembles the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel replica

Eiffel replica

Eiffel replica

Eiffel replica

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

A sculpture on Charles Bridge.

Sculpture on Charles Bridge

And more bridges.


Prague Castle

Prague Castle from above

Obligatory twilight shots.

Waterfront shot at twilight

Waterfront shot at twilight

The astronomical clock in Old Town Square. People would gather around this clock on the hour to see those little wooden people move (top right of picture).

Astronomical Clock

This guy is perpetually hanging from a bar.

Look out below!

Old Jewish Cemetery.

Losed is right

A wall filled with names of Jews killed during WWII.

Another light lighting an alley at night...

Alley light

...along with a another tree bordering a city sight.

A view of Prague through a tree

Wood in the nude.

Wood in the nudge

The face of street art.

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