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October 03, 2005
New Zealand: Like a Virgin
New Zealand's landscape looks like it's only now been touched for the very first time. The outdoors are great; I'm reminded of Colorado.

John Robert Godley, Founder of Canterbury, New Zealand

John Robert Codley

"Chalice" by Neil Dawson in Cathedral Square

Christ Church and Chalice

Sculpture in front of Christ Church

There are trails you can wander after riding the Christchurch gondola.

Christchurch gondola view

Christchurch gondola view

Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu

Duckies in the Lake

Ducks in Lake Wakatipu

A tree on the shore

A tree in front of Lake Wakatipu

A hybrid of baobabs and fractals near Doubtful Sound

Trees near Doubtful Sound

Sign imitates life

Art on the left, life on the right

The front page of Queenstown's "Southland Times" on September 27, 2005 features an article about frozen fried eggs.

Frozen fried eggs 'just not the same'

Onlookers looking on Doubtful Sound


Doubtful Sound sounds like the name of a novice experimental band, but the only sounds here are those of nature. (And the boat engine.)

Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound

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October 11, 2005
Sydney's Koala Park
Zoos cage animals in unnatural environments, but enabling people to see uncommon animals raises awareness about the existence of species they might have otherwise neglected. While I'm determining my position, I can visit zoos.

Koala Park has: koalas,




Double-Wattled Cassowaries,

Double-Wattled Cassowary

Eastern Grey Kangaroos,

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

a bird with pubic hair on its head,

Pubic Bird (not the official name)

birds with green beaks,

Birds with green beaks





and Pink Cockatoos.

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